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Website Development Course in Nagpur

Website creativity using the web designing tools become fully functional with the right web- programming associated with it. In fact, web development/ programming are the fuel that powers the entire functions of a fully functional website, online. Adding this right fuel in the related field is our PHP training in Nagpur that associates varied set of PHP course modules. Our PHP training Nagpur is an attempt to train excelled students in various web programming languages, along with CMS tools like Wordpress, Shopify, Magento and Laravel Framework training Nagpur.

Our various courses in the most desirable field of web programming at Pixerea Solutions is designed for multiple courses such as PHP with Laravel Framework, and WordPress training in Nagpur. Our course structure is well designed with the aim to impart quality learning and insights about developing perfect codes and implementing them with various other technologies and frameworks. This has helped us evolve as an esteemed platform for Web development training in Nagpur.

Adding to the course structure is an exposure to the XHTML/HTML/HTML5 conversion processes, along with trainings on various content management systems/e-commerce platforms. For a successful operation of our training course, we are running both offline and PHP online training course, as well.

Web Development Course Highlights

PHP with My SQL
  • Variables
  • Built-in Functions
  • Server Side Includes
  • Authentication Methodologies
  • Session Tracking/ State Management
  • Object Oriented Programming in PHP
  • Exception Handling
  • Web Application Development
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • String matching with Regular Expressions
  • Generating Images with PHP
  • E-mail Services
MySQL Database
  • Introduction to DBMS & RDBMS
  • Introduction to MySQL Database
  • Database Creation
  • SQL
  • DDL Commands
  • DML Commands
  • DRL Command
  • TCL & DCL Commands
  • Storage Engines
  • MySQL Data Types
  • Constraints Working with MySQL in the Backend
  • Working with phpMyAdmin
  • Integrate a Banner & Contacts Integrate Web Links
  • PHP Basics
  • Custom Modules
  • Including JavaScript in a Web page
  • Using the Document Object Model (DOM) to access the HTML elements on the page dynamically
  • Using JavaScript objects effectively, including the window object and the navigator object
  • Creating and using variables
  • Using event handlers to handle user-triggered events
  • Using regular expressions with string methods to perform basic validation
  • Working with primitive data types
  • Passing arguments to a function
  • Using conditional constructs and loops
  • Debugging JavaScript code
  • Using Geolocation and Web Storage JavaScript APIs
  • Working with JSON objects
  • Using Ajax to make asynchronous calls to a Web server

Adding the true insight to your web development learning process, Pixerea Solutions has been constantly working all through this process of imparting knowledge. Taking leadership among the other PHP training institutes in Nagpur, it has evolved as all round trainer with a significant web developer course curriculum.

Conducting practical classes on live projects, we work with a real time initiative to familiarize and train our students towards the real challenges occurring in the software industry and how to overcome them to build their career prospects, post course completion with us!

Course Details


Any Graduate


Two Months


15 Days


Monday To Saturday



Batch Timing

2 hrs per day

Online Web Development Course in Nagpur

Pixerea Solutions is a leading training academy conducting various web development courses online in a classroom environment. As one of the finest unit of PHP online training Nagpur, we offer industry relevant training solutions to transform your ambitions into marketable skills. Running these progressive courses with our team of highly skilled and experienced instructors, owning extensive industry experiences, we train every student to meet difficult on-the job challenges in the dynamic corporate environment. Our Skype calls oriented classroom sessions are a significant step towards conducting online training classes at your own convenient timings.