Hospital Management System

HMS is easy to use, affordable and powerful management software for Hospitals. It helps to manage your patients, doctors, accounts, OPD, IPD, OT, Insurance, Inventories over the clicks with cloud backup to save your important data.



  • Patients Management
  • Appointments Management
  • Admission Management
  • IPD Management
  • OPD Management
  • Nursing Management
  • Reports Management
  • Doctors Management
  • Package Master Management
  • OT Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Data Backup & Security

HMS Demo Video

Angular, Java Restful WS, Mysql backend


There are about 20 - 25 Masters in Hospital Management System.


OPD is Out patient Department. Billing and Receipt Printing

Hospitalization & Receipt

Register New IPD (in patient department patient), Hospitalization of IPD patient, Advance from patient

Billing Details

After Hospitalization Charges of the patient on daily basis can be recorded in this module. And everything is calculated and added in final bill on daily basis.

Discharge, Final Receipt etc.

Billing of Hospitalized Patient (Detailed bill, Summary Bill), Apply Doctor charges, Room Charges etc., Discharge of the patient Final receipt and Outstanding of patient to be finalized and paid.

Highlight Points

  • Will know Admitted Patients and beds that are not occupied on finger tips
  • Patient History on Finger tips
  • Paperless technology
  • Vaccine Management (For Gynac department)
  • Time consuming and manual process of Billing
  • OPD Charges are unclear mostly if there are multiple OPD doctors and lots of patients
  • IPD Doctor visit charges
  • OPD Scheduler & OPD Billing Accountability
  • OT Booking
  • Making accountability of Employees and Staff
  • Inventory Management
  • Weekly,Monthly,yearly reporting on collections of OPD Billing,IPD Billing, and doctor Visits charges

About HMS

  • Making hospital paperless. We store historic data of all your patients for future (OPD/IPD/OT Details).
  • Setting up a process so that taking management decisions would be easier.
  • Better patient service and management of patients with OPD and IPD streamlined
  • Always IPD bill would be ready with no file needed for calculations.
  • There would be no confusion on visiting doctor charges or calculating Visiting doctor monthly payment for his visiting fees (Report would be ready on daily basis).
  • OPD Monthly Billing with insight of how many patients come during specific.
  • Integrated GOVERNMENT STANDARD GENERIC MEDICINE prescription both for OPD and IPD Discharge cards.
  • No Ristriction on Nos of Users with Rights proctected by your admin. (So not everyone can view everything)
  • Mobile Phone/Tablet / Desktop/ Laptop works every where on each of your device with no user ristriction.
  • Cloud based system so that you stay in touch with your business with live date, even if you are on tour or out of office.
  • Saves your Time and money for your expensive Inventory and give you live reports for its Quotation/Quotation Approval/Orders/consumption in detailed.
  • 100% Secure Data and Software we have SSL Certificates and tie up with top security companies to make your data secure.
  • IPD Bills with a Detailed Bill / Receipts of Payment which are compatible with each of the Insurance Companies standards.
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